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Mobile health symptom checker is a portal for you to access the must information about your health and symptom condition checker. This application will explain you about how to use the latest technology in the world. Which we can track our health symptom, food tracker and keep all the record through online via our smart tracker band.

3 important things I learned about my health from wearing an Apple Watch

Apple Watches don the wrists of millions of gym types, but how much healthier can a bit of wrist candy make you? Quite a lot, it turns out…

1. Simply standing isn't enough
Like any good health journalist, I use a standing desk at work to try to negate the health risks caused by my mostly desk-bound job. So I assumed completing the daily "stand ring" – which encourages you to get up and move for at least one minute every waking hour – would be a breeze. Not true. Even when I was standing at my desk, I'd get a nudge from the watch every hour saying I needed to move around a bit. At first it annoyed me: I'm standing! What more do you want, Watch!

2. I'm less active than I thought
Another clever feature on the watch is the "daily active calorie burn" goal. The watch tracks the amount of extra calories you burn – by walking quickly, exercising, etc – as opposed to the calories your body burns naturally from processes like breathing and pumping your blood. I set my goal to what I thought would be an easy win: 400 active calories a day.

3. I don't work as hard in the gym as I thought
The Apple Watch knows my weight, height, age and tracks my heart rate, which means the calorie burn counter during exercise is as accurate as it gets. And it turns out my average 45-minute gym session is only doing away with 250 calories or so – and there I was assuming this number was closer to 400, thanks to other sports watches I've used in the past that wildly overestimated my calorie burn.

This is the starting point if we know how to use technology for improve our health condition which we can do health symptom checker very often in real life.

Download now you will know in every detail for access the new way of using technology.

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