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You are keen on chases? The stalking scenes in Hollywood always leave you dreaming? You'll never miss an episode of Cops, or any other issue dedicated to wild chases to the US?

So Motorbike Police Pursuit is for you! Explore a huge city pursued by a horde of police angry! Dodge them, skip their dams, and achieve your den without getting hit! For they shall have no pity! Their vehicles will harass you, and they will not hesitate to rush at you! Prepare to experience many crashes!

Where most games chases put you in the shoes of a police officer, you play here a fugitive criminal motorcycle. You must then escape the police arriving redundant and are desperate to understand you.

The situation is this: you just commit a crime, and the police are everywhere, in your search. If you want to avoid jail, you have to drive fast and well, avoid various police vehicles, and manual dexterity!

Graphically, Motorbike Police Pursuit offers a rendering quality. Cities are huge, you slalom between buildings, houses, and other buildings; all in HD quality! You will also delighted to discover the diverse landscapes.

Fun, nervousness and challenge: this is what awaits you in Motorbike Police Pursuit!

The strong points of our bike game Motorbike Police Pursuit:

HD graphics good quality
A huge set
A nervous gameplay, fun and addictive
Increasing difficulty for more challenge
Intuitive and easy grip

This game has been tested on:
- Samsung Galaxy S2
- Samsung Galaxy S3
- Samsung Galaxy S4
- Samsung Galaxy S5
- Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
- Nexus 4
- Nexus July 2012
- Meizu MX 4
- JXD S7300

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