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"Police vs terrorist In your goal is to quit the terrorist who is planning attacks in the heart of more

large city in the world.

You can choose between 16 cars internationnal font brigades to do your job

police officer.

But beware the suspects are driving a minivan you to stop them before they bomb

explodes, first done everything in your power to stop the vehicle, when the car

stop hunting down terrorists, but watch we want we can live it

provide interesting information on their entire network.

If a part of the security forces always been a dream for you, free font simulation game

vous.Par is for the creators of Police vs Thief, Police vs thief2, Motorbike vs police, and Taxi car hd.

A game 100% free action, that puts you behind the wheel of the best police vehicle in the world:
-Police French
-Gendarmerie French
-Highway Patrol US
-Car FBI
Pakistan police -Camionnette
-Car Indian Police
Police -Car iran
-Hummer BRI France
Police -Camionnette France
Police -Car Rio Brazil
-Car Of Sheriff USa
-2 German police car
-Pick-Up Police USA (best of all!)

Time is your enemy, intercept the terrorists as soon as possible, you only have

few minutes before the worst happens.

With the multiplayer mode to play with your friends on facebook, twitter and challenge in races

effrain├ęs pursuit. Choose your side and go to assault your opponents. (January 2016)

At the Police vs Terrorist Program:
-16 Brigades of police cars in the world
-Improve Your car for more performance, speed, acceleration, braking
-5 Cities unlock (January 2016)
-New Tasks every day
-A Multiplayer mode to play with friends (January 2016)
-3 Quality Levels to adjust the options of the game to look better on the powerful smartphone
-Three Daily reward for the most regular police
-A City of more than 4 square kilometers to go without limits.
-control REALITY
-Game 100% free, with possibility to unlock faster improvements
-Share Your best score with twitter and facebook.
-Share Your best screen capture.

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