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Available for free, Ragaio makes you a cell willing to grow as much as it can, eating all the other cells which are near or living in the same environment.

You now have two solutions : either you eat all the static cells, these ones wont hurt you since they are harmless, but they dont provide such a huge amont of strenght ; either you eat the other players’ cells, who happen to have the same objective !

Therefore, Ragaio is a very competitive game in which you have to resist to the other players’ assaults. You’ll have to be patient, since one tiny mistake can mean the end of all your efforts !
Each match can engage up to six players at the same time.So be clever, and attack at the right moment !

So, Ragaio is the efficiency of a fun gameplay, in which you add the fun of tactil controls. More immersive, more entertaining, you’re gonna spend some good times with your friends !

Features :

Online multiplayer (up to 6 players per game)
Tactil controls
You can split your cell
You can eject some of your mass, in order to go faster

Quick Stats

3 years

since last update

1 year

since last review