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VTC Driver : Private Taxi

Android Simulation
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While some people always dreamed about becoming police officers, doctors, firemen, some others, maybe even you, dreamed about becoming taxi drivers. It is true that this job is beautiful : you are the one person on who a great number of persons and tourists are gonna count. And you are the one who has to lead them wherever they need to go, as fast as possible.

But here is the thing, the taxi licence you need to be allowed to drive a taxi is quite expansive. So, what about working in a private company, and become a VTC (which in french means “Transport Vehicle with Driver”) driver ? That is what VTC Driver : Private Drivers has to offer to you !

In that game, you are a private taxi driver and you have to, in each level, accomplish your missions. The more you accomplish levels, the trickier it gets, since you’ll need to carry more and more clients before finishing them

Your objective is quite simple : you have to go as fast as you can, in order to do the biggest score possible. It’s up to you mastering your vehicle and being able to memorize the shortest ways, in order to be the best taxi driver ever. Remember : time is money, especially your clients’ money !

Wander the streets of a very large city, look for your clients, read your messages, since it’s through them you’ll learn where they are.
Be the best taxi driver ever !

Key features of VTC Driver : Private Taxi :

- HD graphics
- 20 levels
- You are given the choice about the controls : either tilt mode or classic touch mode
- Limited time, increasing the challenge

This game has been tested on :

-Samsung Galaxy S3
-Samsung Galaxy S4
- Samsung Galaxy S2
- Samsung Galaxy note 8.0
- Google Nexus 4
- Google Nexus 7 2012
- Archos Gamepad 2
- Meizu MX 4
- JXD S7300

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