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Joggify is a revolutionary sports activities social platform, that turns sport into something fresh and fun.
How? Simple! When running, cycling, walking or even skating, your friends can track your running and challenge you with a challenge in real time!
Each challenge is tailored just for you and is customised according to your capabilities and workout experience!

Joggify is not like any other GPS running or biking applications out there that you may know. Why? because 75% of what they do and show is irrelevant for most users.
In Joggify we are focused to show you what you need to see and to have that socialized too.
By having a socialized app for exercising, you will see how it makes a great difference and help you exercise in a fun and new way.


We believe that most of the people on the planet are tired and get bored of the ritual of running and the monotone jogging experience. Most of the people - believe it or not - don't even go out to do any activity at all and if they do - they do it alone.
Alone is outdated. People love people. Every place you go, whether it is virtual or physical - has social elements in it.

So why cycle alone, when you can have your friends together with you in your cycling activity.
Even friends that live far away from you, can still contribute and be a part of what you do.
Because it doesn't only matter WHAT you do, it matters HOW you do it - and there is nothing like doing things together with friends.

Not only friends can challenge you in your road biking activity, while running or in any other activity - so do people around the world that want to make your activity more interesting and challenging.

Joggify is a free platform and will remain as such.
Share and invite everyone in - you will see the difference!

- Supporting walking, running, jogging, road biking & cycling, mountain biking & cycling, skateboard & skates
- Voice information during the activity
- Ability to challenge yourself by pushing the Joggify button
- See the Joggify community's activities and start motivating others while they run
- Ability to rotate the screen so it can be more comfortable when running with an armband
- GPS tracker
- Motivating people around the world
- See your own history, and also your friends'
- Displaying speed and distance achieved in the activity both in metric & imperial methods
- Smart Facebook posting (configurable) of your tracks, activities, challenges and achievements

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