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Up4Reviews, 4.5/5, "YAC : It Really Is Annoying but It Does Its Job Well"

Your Annoying Alarm Clock (or YAC) is an alarm clock that will stop ringing only when the user can correctly align what he sees in the camera with a picture of an object (room, person) previously taken.

The user can set normal or image based alarms. Image based alarms require that the user takes a picture of an object/place/person. This image will then be re-proposed to the user when it is time to wake up from a night of sleep. In order to be able to stop the ringing, the user will have to correctly align the image in the camera and press the dismiss button. There is a maximum attempts counter to avoid those cases in which the user took a picture of something that is not possible to photograph any longer.

The user does not have to worry about the pictures collected with the camera: every time an alarm is deleted, the associated photo is also deleted.

Important for Xperia Users:
For xperia z3v 4.4.4 and pretty much most xperias the app must be whitelisted if battery saving mode is on, otherwise the alarm will not ring.

The computer vision part of YAC is based on a keypoint detector defined in OpenCV 3.0. We decided to use the ORB detector as this is available for free. OpenCV is linked natively to the Java part, so there is no need to download the OpenCv manager.

YAC is based on OpenCV 3.0.

Attribution: The Alarm Clock part of YAC is based on the following tutorial

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