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Welcome to: Circus Games for kids toddler by Jogo Jogo

Jogo Circus Animals playfully teaches children that finishing their plate of food is fun!
Story of the Animals on Jogo Circus goes as follows:

“Oh no! The caretaker has fallen asleep!”
Now it’s up to you to take on a big and important task. Eight circus animals are really hungry and are only able to perform after finishing their favorite food. How do you expect Bob the Lion to be able to jam on his guitar without eating a juicy steak? How do you expect Freddie the Giraffe to hula hoop without eating some delicious lettuce? Quick! Help them out!

Circus Games for kids and toddlers play with Jogo Circus Animals kids games fun

Play with the different circus Animals, play with the elephant, lion, monkey, poodle, giraffe and mouse. Have fun by feeding them them and helping them be able to do their tricks. This game is for the entire family to enjoy as you follow the story of all the Jogo Circus Animals.

Key Features of Circus Games for kids:

√ Teaches children that finishing their plate of food can be very fun!
√ Eight cute circus game animals to feed, each with their own unique creative personality inspired by famous musicians (Can you recognize who each circus animal represents?)
√ Great story for kids that captivate children’s imaginations
√ Amazing story that is right for any kid before school, bedtime, lunch or break time
√ English book storytelling
√ Each scene contains original music and sound effects
√ 100% safe for toddlers. (no ads, no third-party advertisements)
√ Take care of the cute circus animals in the Jogo circus for kids storybook
√ Specifically developed for youngsters, kids, children and preschool toddlers ages 2 to 5 years old in the form of a book
√ No stressful situations for kids and no time limits. Endless playtime guaranteed
√ Storybook game that tells the story of circus animals

Circus Animal Games for kids by Jogo Jogo is crafted with love for detail. Your child is the centre of attention and has all the possibilities to have fun and explore the circus with all the Animals without being afraid to make mistakes. Every mini game has a funny result

Toddlers love all the lovable animals that the Circus has to offer. Help all the animals finish their of food and have a fun loving time doing so.

Circus Animal Games for Kids can be played for different ages:
This fun game is perfect for children of 2 years of age. This game is a digital story book, no hard situations so it’s perfect for children of the ages 3 years to 5 years of age. Perfect game for kiddos, kids, toddlers and children.

If there is anything wrong don’t hesitate to reach out to us by mail or leave a comment below in the comment section.

Happy playtime and enjoy Happy Jogo Circus Animals for Kids!

√ Why? We believe every child deserves to laugh.
√ What? We make great digital toys.
√ How? By packing our quality products with humor and craziness.

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