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This is a selection of tests for use in 2D Android games. Mostly for my own learning and reference.

I'm not affiliated with BadLogicGames or libGDX. I'm just learning their framework.

If you liked this app, I'm looking for beta testers my game! I learnt a lot from making this app and have applied a lot of it to my game! It's completely free! You can sign up for beta registration here:

Currently there is no known issues with Nexus devices. If anyone is having issues of any kind, please send me an email with details of the problem and I'll fix it. Thank you.

If you have any suggestions or requests, drop me an email.

Tests include:
- Ball collision
- 2D Camera manipulation
- Particle Effects
- Box2D
- 2D Lighting using Normal Maps
- Speech bubbles using 9 patch

Examples include:
- Pop corn simulator!
- Fish tank!
- Basic effects with Jeremy

Coming soon:

- Tooltips on actors
- 'damage' graphics
- Shaders
- Pretty UI
- Sounds
- Grids
- Screen transitions
- 3D Rendering

For more information, including all the resources and guides I used to make this, check out my website.

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