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The Core Crafting Tool is a utility for GoW. It is not for the "secret recipes" or well known core sets. However, if you want to craft a killer set with one or two specific priorities then this is for you.
The app has several different modes to help you:

Using the Core Wizard you select one or two optimization boosts and how important they are and start eliminating pieces and cores which you do not have until you can craft. The Set Wizard does the same for you on a bigger scale. Then there is the Manual Crafting which allows you to select cores and pieces by your search criteria to see the end result.

All percentage bars in the app show the strength of the item you are looking at in relation to the "best". So if you craft a core for example the percentage bars show you how close you are to the core crafted with the best pieces only for that boost.

The demo version eliminates random cores and pieces. The full version includes all current cores and pieces and has an option to check and download the latest information. Updated weekly, check for updates.

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