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Hay dude, thanks for visiting the app download page! The situation is like this: you pay 75% less versus travel alone if can share the taxi ride with three people! Download Join-a-Ride now to let us help you find joiners! Ride Smart and Cheap!

Are you tired of queuing up in an endless taxi stand or minibus stop? Are fed up with

congested bus or MTR cabin? Have you ever thought of finding someone who has

the same destination with you to share a taxi which you all can travel

comfortably and freely?

“Join-a-Ride” is a novel app which is set up by four Hong Kongers who want to fulfill

your wish for free.


Open “Join-a-Ride” and its map will show you who is/are your same-way “riders”.

Method 1: click any car on the map and it will show you the details of that ride.

Choose your favorite ride and you can communicate with your same-way “rider”


Method 2: click “Join ride”, choose “Pick up location”, it will automatically search for

rides which is near you. Or you can create ride by yourself and wait for “riders” to

join you.

Save time, save money:

“Join-a-Ride” can find you “riders” who can share your taxi fare, which is much

better than getting stuck in the queue and congested public transport. Keep your

precious time and money for yourself instead of wasting them endlessly.


Each and every mobile number would be verified with SMS. And they are all be kept

strict confidential. Even in same chat-box among the “riders”, mobile numbers are

also kept confidential. We would only provide necessary information to relevant

Government authorities if any special occasions arise. In order to let female users

feel care-free , we also provide “Female-only” option. (We may even launch male only option if there is demand

Widen your social field:

By using “Join-a-Ride”, you will soon know who share the same route with you

everyday. Moreover, helpfulness and sharing culture can be promoted for any

riders who is willing to share their car for free.

Environmental friendly:

Car sharing reduces traffic jam and improve air quality. Every little change saves our


Let’s save time and money and travel greener. Let’s “Join-a-Ride” !

Contact: Whatapps 59345518 (# JoinaRide/ #Join-a-Ride)

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