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** It does not work on Android 8, it is now in handling Sorry

TetheringTimer is an application which turns OFF tethering, when the set-up time passes.

If this application is used, a failure of tethering to turn off will be lost and it will become saving of a battery.

Even if it starts and is putting into the bag and the pocket, it is not necessary to take out, and it is not necessary to make it the tethering OFF.

** It has been confirmed a phenomenon that does not end in rare cases in Xperia, and is currently under investigation.

**The operation at the time of Timer START and STOP can be changed by setup.

** Setting **
[[ Timer ]]
[set Timer] Timer is set up. {HH:mm}

[[ Setting ]]
[]START button with Tethering ON
[]STOP button with Tethering OFF
[]Tethering OFF with AirplaneMode ON
[]imer starts when the application starts

** it does not operate at a terminal without a tethering function. please understand the situation

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