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"Hero of Legend" 2 - The war between the "Heroes and the Monsters".
Waves of monsters have evolved and are rushing towards your castle. You need to protect your castle and send your troops to destroy the Evils' base.
Game Features:
- Combination of "Age of Empires" ( "AOE" ) and castle defense game: upgrade Age, "castle defense", troop system, build mines, towers ...
- Variety of troops like clubman, bowman, sword man, scout, cavalry, horse archer, ballista …
- 20+ monsters of different types
- Multiple row "tower defense". Take smart strategy to win the battle
- 50+ challenging levels
- Different maps
- 3 different game play modes
- Fight against other players in PvP battles
- Powerful magic: fire, ice and sacred and variety of game items to improve the HP of your base, mines and troops
- Collect coins to purchase potent power-ups
- Boss challenging
- Massive gameplay, beautiful graphics and an immersive original soundtrack

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