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Please note - This is a version created for countries that are not supported in our main Untraceable Calls app.

We believe that privacy is our right

This is why we built Untraceable Calls - a simple service to make phone calls private.

When you use Untraceable Calls, your call is truly protected as it leaves no trace on your device or monthly bills. The call on your destination's end is also untraceable as we provide our own call servers.This eliminates the need for your local operator or their knowing about your call.

How it works
We use two regular phone calls from blocked or unknown numbers to call you and your callee. The two lines are then connected. No VoIP client is required, and no dialer is changed. Just a simple incoming call.

Note: Untraceable does not imply that the call cannot be tapped or recorded. The call is not scrambled or encrypted.

Do I need to register?
No, using the system does not require any registration nor we do not ask for any user information.

Is it free?
The App is free to download with a free trial call. To further use the service you will need to buy a plan.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS VERSION SUPPORTS UNLIMITED CONNECTION TO OVER 130 COUNTRIES and therefor costs $100 for a week long plan. Please check out our main App for better prices in specific countries.


1.Open the App, dial a number or select a number from your contact list.
2.Press the "Call" button
3.A few seconds later, you will receive an incoming call from a blocked or random number. When you answer the call, you will hear the call ring on the callee side, just like any other call.

Please note - sometimes the connection might take up to 20 seconds to complete, but it is the safest way to make sure these calls are truly private.

Is it really untraceable?
Yes. We are using a variety of techniques to ensure the call information is not registered at any point in the call path. Both you and the callee receive incoming calls from blocked or random numbers. All signaling data is encrypted as we make sure the connection on the backend is discreet.

What about the call quality?
The quality of the call should be the same as any other incoming call.
However, since we are using different methods and providers to support this service, cases some calls might have low quality in rare occasions. If this happens, or if a call did not go through, please hang-up and call again. Don’t forget to notify support@untraceablecalls.com of the issue.

Can I use it for international calls?
Yes. This App can connect most countries. Make sure to use the trial call to test it, and email us immediately with any issue!

Privacy with Untraceable Calls
Privacy is our motto. This is why we built Untraceable Calls .There is no registration process to the service and we do not ask for any permission on your handset. We also do not keep any logs of the calls made. We do however collect some anonymous usage statistics to improve the system performance.

For detailed information, please check the privacy policy on our web site http://untraceablecalls.com/privacy

App permission
Untraceable Calls App limit the needed permissions to the minimum:
FULL NETWORK ACCESS: Create secure connection with our servers
READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY: Try to identify the handset callback number
Only on Android Versions 2.X:
READ YOUR CONTACTS: to retrieve phone numbers from the contact list

Terms of service
By using this App you agree to be bound to the Terms of Use and acknowledge that you will use it according to applicable laws and regulations.

For more information check http://untraceablecalls.com/terms_of_use

We are looking forward for your comments and requests!
For any issue contact us at:

Check if your country is supported

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