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Super Eggsy Adventure is the best free 2d platform running game app with simple graphics yet super funny and addicting game play. Our brother Eggsy is an egg cartoon character with his bazooka weapon he used for his fun and challenging journey, He is collecting gold coins that will help him as he progress on his jungle and city adventure. Brother, let us join our hero Eggsy on his super exciting battle as he unlock new challenging worlds of fantastic adventures.


Super Eggsy is an awesome classic retro arcade fire, jump, and run platform adventure game with a twist. This is not a super mario game, and it is really different from mario brothers. But our aim for this cool game is to make it into the best top 10 platformer run and jump android arcade, action game. This super egg game is suitable for boys, for girls, for kids or children, for adult and for people of all ages for free download online.


The goal of this app is to make this cute egg character reach the pipe. There are several obstacle as you go along your way, there are spike and fire traps that will cause your instant death. Cannon balls, buzz saw, alien ammos and aliens will cause your health bar to reduce by 20 to 50%. There are health packs that you can collect to restore your health by 25%. Collecting gold coins is important too, you will need these coins to unlock different worlds so don't ignore them, collect as many gold coins as you can, because in the future update of new worlds you will gonna need a lot of this coins.


* 2 Exciting worlds as of this moment, more to come on future updates.
* With 10 challenging levels for each world.
* Monster, alien enemies.
* Obstacles to avoid like Buzz saw, fires, spikes, cannons.
* Collectibles like gold coins and health pack.
* 4 control buttons: Left, Right, Jump and fire buttons.
* Collect as many coins as you can on every level you play because you will going to need it to unlock future worlds
* I put also some advertisement for monetization.
* In app purchase option to buy coins and if you want to disable advertisements, you can pay for a small amount for
that feature.


Enjoy the game brother, download this app for free and stay tuned for more platform updates. Please help us also improve this app by giving us your honest feedback and review, or if you're experiencing any problem during your gameplay just let us know in the comment section.

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