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A great resource for lung detox, lung exercises, and info to clean your lungs.

This comprehensive clean your lungs app includes lung detox info, exercises to improve lung health, and herbs for improved lung function.

Learn about:

Why It Is Important To Clean Your Lungs
14 Herbs For Healthy Lungs
Air Pollution And Lung Problems
Smoking And Lung Problems
16 Ways To Clean Your Lungs
Exercises To Clean Your Lungs

You'll get information on a lung detox technique to thoroughly cleanse your lungs...quickly, easily, and inexpensively.
You'll discover which foods to eat for healthy lungs and which foods to avoid.
You'll learn 2 deep breathing exercises and more.

In this app, you will get information on:

lung cleaning
clean lungs
clean your lungs
lung damage
clear lungs
cleansing your lungs
lung herbs
lung detox
lung cleansing
lung exercises

This App is for Information Purposes Only and Does NOT Contain Any Medical Advice. See a physician if you think you have a problem with your breathing or lungs.

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