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Reading barcodes on your Windows computer just got easier. Wireless Barcode Scanner is easy and fast to set up:

1. Download and install server on your computer
2. Enter password
3. Start scanning

That's it. No need to find out your computer's ip address or any other nonsense, just enter password and you're ready to go!

After computer is found, reading barcodes is very simple:

1. Point your cursor to the barcode field
2. Press "START SCAN" on your android device and camera view will appear
3. Align your device so the barcode is visible on the camera
4. Barcode is read automatically once its found

By default, server on computer starts automatically with Windows. This means Wireless Barcode Scanner is always ready to go, as long as your computer and Android device shares the same Wi-Fi network. Just start the app and start scanning!

Fast and easy one-time setup! You're scanning barcodes faster than you realize.

Download server for windows here: http://jonassoft-barcodescanner.appspot.com/
Contains step-by-step installation guide if you're unfamiliar with computers.

Digit-only barcodes are only supported for now.

This app doesn't require any 3rd party applications.

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