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-Ghost Detector Pro is an application that uses your mobile device sensors to detect the room of the killer clown,
-Transform your smartphone to powerful clown finder! Discover exciting and spooky world of spirits. Special algorithms were developed to detect changes in local and ambient electromagnetic field, also audible frequencies are taken into account to find any abnormalities in the area
-Now you can scare your friends with killer clown finder! It shows scary clown images in camera preview! You can tell your friends that this is a real killer clown detector! Tell them that your phone can detect ghosts and spirits near you!
ghost camera app to make scary jokes! It simulates clown detection device! Realistic spirit's pictures can be very scary for friends. They can believe that it really works! This is real killer observer scary detector and camera killer clown radar.
Using the very latest in clown detection and radar capabilities, Real killer clown Detector is the only app you need to help you locate the supernatural!
The clown tracker display can be interfered with by some sources, so perhaps try different locations if your getting poor results.
this application has :
-good graphic
-can find the killer clown in your home
-track the killer clown
-killer clown detector
-killer clown tracker
-killer clown finder
this application is just to prank your friends and joke with him

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