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Ever wondered what life would be like if you could become an omnipotent being at a touch of the button. Well wonder no longer! With the God Mode app it can become a reality at the flick of a switch.
Turn on God Mode anywhere you want! In the bath, underneath the bed, in space, after getting thrown out of a plane. God Mode can be turned on anywhere and everywhere!

Why wouldn't you want to download this app? When you get it boys/girls/three-legged beings from Alpha Centauri (I don't judge) will look at you in a whole new light! Your friends will be like:
"Hey David, man you look different! Have you gained ultimate power from the God Mode app?"
"Woah Chris, how did you know?! Was it my new godly aura or have you also gained ultimate power from the God Mode app?"
"Yeah, Emily told me about it and now she is all like 'Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao' and her power levels are over 9000!"

So why wait?! Download God Mode today and you could join the millions of people enjoying the ultimate power of being omnipotent today!

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