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Elite SWAT Commando:killer is the leading shooting game.Feel like one man army combat warrior,real soldier,commando,assassin,special force of elite unit invasion in a battle field or war zone.

There are many shooting adventures and a venture in a like of a commando as in top commando games.You have to be a trained killer to survive in a free battle field.Most of the assassin games are like this games which reflect a war zone.Insurgents are invading a territory which you have to combat.

Feel free to download it and enjoy.It is very thrilling and adventurous game.You will feel like you are in a world war 2 and aiming your targets in a real time.

Nowadays terrorism are the uprising global society issues. All the international allied forces as well as local security forces are keen and motivated to eradicate this social evil.
Inspired from our real heroes and martyred soldiers this game is developed. Our aim is to boost up the moral of world arm forces as well as provide entertainment to shooting game lovers.

Game has following salient features

First Mission

First mission is named as "Camp Mission" in which a Special assassin commando named as Jon comes on a military jeep.He came out of vehicle in a blink of an eye and start aiming his targets.He got six different types of guns and couple of knives,AK 47,M1 911,MP5,M4,Sniper,Knife and Katana.In this mission there are 10 terrorist in wide range of a camp.Commando got complete map of a camp and radar as well.He has to kill all enemies to accomplish his mission.Next mission will be unlocked when first one is completed.

Mission 2

In Second mission Jon comes on a cobra helicopter which lands smoothly in wide range of a city.In this mission 14 terrorist are creating problem in a town.Commando is specially trained to handle this type of situation.Difficulty level is increased in this mission as compared to first mission.

Mission 3

Third mission is named as "Military mission"site selected for this mission is a beautiful Iceland named "Okla"there are variety of different trees like palm tree,date tree and small tress.It include wide range of sand and a superb lake between big mountain which looks great.Terrorist are almost on every part of it.Commando is fully loaded to attack n kill them.

Mission 4

Fourth mission is a second part of military mission in a desert area.Which has 13 terrorist.Attack is planned at early morning which is quick and sudden.Commando is loaded with 5 different guns,pistol and a knife.

Mission 5

This is a final Mission.In this Mission total enemies are 44.Kill them all enemies and got victory.Its mission is very Difficult and thrilling.

Have fun playing Action game!
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