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Your child needs zoo awareness from the very beginning of life.Discover countless wild animals from the jungle,ocean and Desert.

Educational zoo trips are necessary to our kids to fully utilize their natural desire to learn.When your kid grow up and begin to see the interesting world through his eyes.This is the best time for your kid to go through this interesting and adventurous trip to zoo safari.

There are various animals in this zoo trip.The game introduces various animals to the child
elephants,lion,zebra,monkey,tiger,crocodile,gorilla,dromedary,gazelle,hippo,rhinoceros,buffalo,hyena, turtles, birds, dolphins and many others.

The child learns what the animals eat,how they live and basic information about each animal.This knowledge is obtained by performing actions so that child understand what is going on.

Trip to zoo safari has been designed to give awareness among little children for educational purposes as well as for their safety.Kids education for wild animals is necessary to avoid any inconvenience.

As few days ago a child mistakenly dropped into gorilla fence and after couple of minutes zoo rescue team shot dead big gorilla for child safety.Second incident was happen when a girl came out of his car in wild safari park in china and attacked by a big tiger.Sadly she was dead..So to stop these types of incident in future,we have to educate our children.This game is dedicated to all martyrs and injured persons who do not have basic knowledge of zoo and wild animals.This game is for children 3 to 6 years old have fun using this.

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zoo in Oahu,zoo web,zoo s,com zoo,zoo animals images free than you are at right place.Good luck for your trip cheers.

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