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Use to quickly create and edit notes with the Markdown text format. View your notes rendered as a stylized, easy-to-read document. parses text based on the CommonMark spec, so you can safely know that the notes you create here will render the same on other products that support CommonMark.

## Features
- Quickly and easily write simple lists, class notes, short stories, code documentation and more in Markdown.
- Dropbox integration to sync notes to your Dropbox account.
- Notebooks to get organized.
- View your Markdown notes parsed on the CommonMark spec.
- Use the Markdown helper bar for easy access to special Markdown characters.

## Available with In-App Purchase
- Styles: Dark background or light. Monospace font or not. Choose between 9 different styles to view your notes in.

## Contact Me!
Bugs, questions or suggestions? You all have been amazing with your feedback so far. Keep emailing me!

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