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bpm beats is a two in one app

Set the bpms to a desired value and hit PLAY, you now have a pacemaker that ticks at the marked pace. Each beat is marked with an audible sound. You can also set it to change the screen color with every beat.
By default it's set to 180 bpm, the desired cadence for barefoot running. Jogging? 135 bpm. Aerobics? 165 bpm. Walking? 60 bpm Too slow? Set it to 65 bpm.
It's all about finding your rhythm and sticking to it.

Want to know your pace? Hit the stopwatch and tap away at the button. In a few taps you'll have an approximate bpm rate. Use it to match songs for your next DJ session o to find your pedal cadence. It's as simple as taping.

Useful in any situation you need a certain pace or you need to know your pace

You can play different sound, vibrate to the beat and choose the background color

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