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Tvisted Remote is an innovative TV remote control – using WiFi or Infrared (IR-Blaster)

Please check our website for a J-series 2015 test version

Television – finally smart. Tvisted Remote lets you remote control all features of your Smart TV easily. Usually, the app will even auto-detect your channel numbers and is ready to go in a few seconds. Just setup your favorites and forget about the hundreds of channels available. You can even switch channels and adjust volume just by swiping across the screen – no need to look at your smartphone or tablet just to control your TV.

Tvisted Remote works with any up-to-date Android smart phone or tablet. We currently support Samsung Smart TVs (using WiFi) and via ID Blaster about 4,000 additional devices of different brands.


Using WiFi

Samsung TV-series
- H from 2014 (full support for 55xx and above)
- E, F (full support for the 5xxx and above)
- D (some 6xxx, most 7xxx and above)
- C from 2010 (selected devices)

WiFi requries the television and the handset to be connected to the same LAN/WiFi. Support for H-series and above on limited to mobile devices with ARM CPU.

We are working on fully supporting the 2015 J-series. Iin the meantime, some J-series features are connected using WiFi, some require a handset with IR-Blaster. Check our website for betas of the WiFi-only version.

With Series C and D please ensure that 'Remote Control' within your TV settings is enabled. Routers without "Universal Plug'n'Play" (UPnP) enabled and “DLNA Broadcast” allowed will require you to enter the IP address manually as this prevents auto-detection.

How to connect to the TV using WiFi:

1. Please make sure that your smartphone/tablet and your TV are both connected to the same WiFi network
2. Make sure the TV is turned on and start the app – it will now look up the TV automatically
3. If your TV (on its screen) requires approval for the connection please press OK on your “classic” remote control once


Need help? Check out our support forum at:


Using Infrared (yet a bit experimental)

To use infrared, your mobile device needs to have an infrared blaster. And obviously: Line of sight to the device.

If so, Tvisted can remote control roughly 4200 TVs, Cable Boxes, Disc Players, Stereos and Set-Top Boxes. All major TV brands (e.g. Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic) and cable boxes are supported. We’ll come up with a list soon – for now, we suggest you just try it for yourself. The mobile app detects the existence of an infrared blaster automatically and lets you select the type and manufacturer. Since every model has got its different infrared code sets you’ll be asked to just try them (5 different ones at most). If there’s a matching code set, your device will turn on (or off in case you have turned it on before).

We’re still collecting more devices and more important: more code sets. If the entire code set for your device or just a few keys are missing, please drop a line in our support forum.

The infrared feature requires an Android 4.2 (“KitKat”) handset with built-in IR blaster and operates well on geunuine handsets from Samsung and alike (e.g. Lenovo) based the standard android driver and also vendor specific for LG and HTC,

Let us know if it works on a device not listed here.

We believe, Tvisted is a good alternativ to Samsung Smart Remote 2.0 or peel's watchon.

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