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This is a GPS app which can load your data in any coordinate system. You will need only to enter a Latitude Longitude point and the corresponding X and Y in your coordinate system.

It has also zoom capability, you need to press the two top corners of the zoom window (first left and then right corner). The zoom capability is basic. After zoom, press ALL BORES to go back to full picture.
The file having your coordinates can be saved to internal storage but you have to type the link in the top text box. Try different ways as the file address may change in different devices.

The coordinates need to be saved in a text file in the following format only. Only space between coordinates and boreID.

BoreID X Y

Example is:

BH001 213456 5533267
BH002 214536 5698755

To keep the app simple, your location might have 5% error but if you need your exact location just press "myxy" to get your lat and long.

Please put comments if you notice any bug so I can fix it.
The interface is fairly poor as I didn't know how much interest might be for this. If you are interested let me know and I can improve it.

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