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Libop is the touch evolution of scientific calculators. Fully designed for touch devices its innovative and stylish interface gives you unparalleled functions for the daily use.

One of the 5 best calculators for Android: "...and it became one of my favorites. Simple, fast and with little uncharacteristic, but such neat and polished design, Libop calculator is one of the nicest and most beautiful calculator apps on this list." -

Key Features:
- Libop Calculator is and will always be Ads free.
- Numbers and results are stored in a list so you can see what you have done and use them with a touch for further calculations.
- Calculator Main Functions: Trigonometry, logarithmic, statistics, probability distribution, finance and unit conversion.
- Create you own constants with one click.
- Copy the values so you can paste them on an email or message!
- It includes reverse polish notation RPN Mode.
- Lock numbers and use them several times.
- Calculate Sum, Mean and Standard Deviation of a list numbers with a click.
- Calculate payment of a loan.
- Unit conversion for most used units.
- Show or hide decimals for each number just swiping over it.Very useful and unique!
- Choose between three color styles.
- It also has other options as use it when the device is locked, or keep the screen always on.

Libop Calculator will continue improving taking out the most of touch devices.

You may need Libop Calculator paid version for more functionality.

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