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This application is a tool used to control an Arduino module via Bluetooth and Wifi connection.

Things you will need to complete this project:

1. Any brand new or junk / recycled RC toy car with 3 wires servo
2. Arduino Uno, Nano or any Arduino module
3. L298N H-Bridge Motor Driver / miniIBT or IBT-3 module
4. HC-05 / HC-06 Bluetooth module
5. ESP8266 WiFi module

To follow the wiring connection. Please have a look at the images / screenshots along with this application.

Sketch for Arduino and Lua script for ESP8266 module are available for download by looking at the link inside the Arduino Code menu.

When connecting to ESP8266, connect your device to the Wifi module first then type in the module's IP address that you've set from the script together with the port number.

*Version 2.4.28
-Updated the Arduino sketch

*Version 2.3.28
-Added more functionality

*Version 2.0.28
-Added functionality for Horn
-Use volume up key to Activate Horn

*Version 1.7.27
-Updated the App

*Version 1.6.27
-Improve Bluetooth Connection

*Version 1.5.27
-Fixed bugs

*Version 1.4.27
-Added ads

*Version 1.3.27
-Fixed bugs

*Version 1.2.27
-Fixed bugs
-Improve WiFi connectivity
-Fixed crashes

*Version 1.1.27
-Fixed bugs

*Version 1.0
-Initial release

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