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Play as a Parkour Cat with this progressive endless runner game, just tap on screen using strong reflex, fight the evil birds family, running by the city, tap to jump obstacles and gaining more and more speed while you run! View the different dungeons to run around the World! The speed increase is progressive with the time!

Test your reflex and reactions with a quick tap doing Parkour dealing with the different structures that you will meet on the way, be careful with the evil birds family attacks, jump everything, making sure not to fall from there, the ground is very far and not all the cats bring 9 lives!! By any case our cat proves to be an expert endless runner, you will be able to view its performance!

Earn points with your Parkour tricks, hit any of the angry birds to earn more points, run faster each time, tap to jump between buildings, view new obstacles, increase your reflex and get rewarded with valuable Golden Coins at the end of your race.... the amount is progressive, and which you can use to purchase several awesome rewards after each endless runner ground:

* Several Cat styles, different colours and Parkour Skills!
* Cat Lives, if a cat fall from the roof or his reflex fail, make sure you can consume a live and come back with your current record, there you will be able to view your progress!
* Female and Baby Cat Styles that jump high and run fast!
* New endless runner Grounds
* New worlds means progressive difficulties to try out!
* New enemies from the evil birds family!

... But thats not ALL!!! You will be granted with the access to our World Wide Parkour Cat's High Score table to show your cat performance on the endless runner ground, where you can make everyone know you are one of the best players in the world with expert reflex displaying your MAX Score, you will be also able to view everyone's else scores, practice hard and become the best one!!! Keep your jump, fight the evil birds family, tap and run, the other competitors keep having a progressive scoring!

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