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What Glichur is:
Glichur is an Image Manipulator.
Glichur has a lot of options.
Glichur is blazingly fast.
Glichur contains various effects based on popular "Processing" Glitch techniques.
Glichur gives you the possibility to make mistakes and "bad" images.
Glichur aims to give weird results although it can be used to create "correct, normal" images but why would you want such a thing.
Glichur was made by me, a guy in Chicago, so there are probably some hidden bugs, if you find them, please send an email to and I will send the Thom Yorken man to lull them into an everlasting sleep.

What Glichur isnt:
Glichur is not you Dad's Glitch app.
Glichur does not pretend to know what you want.
Glichur is not connected to the internet and does not collect any data from you, the user.
Glichur is not free because a lot of hard work went into making Glichur.
Glichur does not do cloud.
Glichur doesn't actually create an unstable image "glitch", instead it is an image editor with "bad math".
Glichur is not Insta or VS or any of those things you cool kids use nowadays.
Glichur isn't a seagull version of a Lich.
Glichur wont make you sandwich.
Glichur isn't a sandwich.
Glichur ins't a
Glichur ins't ...

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