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TantoTengo is a simple incomes and expenses manager to control your particular economy or your business. You can also see how it evolves from reports and graphs.

TantoTengo is done in the most simple and easy for all users can use it without any problem. It is divided into four main parts:

- Data management offers a simple calendar where you can add incomes and expenses.

- Settings: allows you flexible and easy to program settings such as the insertion of incomes and expenses, views of default reports, backups for the data.

- Reports: Provides a comprehensive and detailed window where you can see the incomes, expenses and economic balance in weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and free choice reports.

- Graphics: This option is one of the best ways to see visually how your personal or business economy develops.

The strong point of this application is the ability to perform FUTURE FORECASTS. You can add income and expenses you may have in the future and see the evolution of the economy graphically. I mean, you know how much money you can spend or not according to certain fixed income and expenses have in the future.

Technical characteristics:

- Version for free.
- Easy access without connection to Internet.
- Available in Spanish and English.
- Available for various versions of Android, from API 8 (Android 2.2 - Froyo) onwards.
- Available for both phones and tablets.
- You can create a backup of your data on the SD card and import the data to the application.

I hope TantoTengo be useful and you may make me constructive criticism to improve implementation and to improve developing Android apps. My email is joseluisnn83@gmail.com

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