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Electrical Circuits Pro

Application of Electric Circuits Pro allows to know the fundamentals of electrical circuits, such as:

1- Perform calculations of resistance values ​​by the color code. You can click on each color band and you can calculate the value of the residence and the respective resistive tolerance.
2- You can display the color code table to calculate the values ​​of resistors.
3- Perform calculations of electric current and voltage in series circuits. Using the simulator circuits in series you can change the values ​​of resistors and the value of the voltage source and calculate the value of the current and the voltage in each of the series resistors.
4- can access the table to calculate the value capacitors electrolytic and ceramic capacitors. It can perform calculations if the capacitors using the numeric format or color code.
By 5- simulator circuits in parallel may perform calculation of electric currents through the resistors in parallel, making changes to the values ​​of the resistors and voltage source. You can also calculate the resistance in parallel and the currents flowing in each of the resistors.
Coming soon will add modules AC circuits, phasors and complex numbers.

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