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Even after a food filled Oktoberfest, the insatiable Otto’s stomach still craved for something special. The hungry Otto ultimately gave into temptation and snuck away from the celebration to break in the laboratory of the infamous Dr. Eerie and sneak away with one of his legendary delicious truffle sandwiches. Unfortunately, Dr. Eerie simply could not bear the humiliation when he noticed the love of his life that was taken away from him. With his evil wisdom and nefarious connections, Dr. Eerie has created, called forth, and summoned all of his wicked monster comrades to track down Otto at any cost.

It is up to YOU to SMASH and MASH all the endless waves of monsters let loose across the different landscapes of this once quite village, humble festive boardwalk, and silent graveyard. Throughout the levels, you will encounter many types of monsters. Some are easy to kill, but others require your wit and concentration to wipe them out. Some of these special monsters may teleport away before you can catch them. Some may burrow underground in their pursuit of Otto. Others, will abandon their wrappings to scurry away even faster after the first hit. Some are too strong to be smashed immediately, and it will take the sustained weight of your finger to finally pop their heads.

Your main task is to use your favourite finger to smash through any of the gruesome monsters on field. Do not let any monster out of your sight, otherwise, they will devour one of your hearts without remorse. But fear not, you will be equipped with unique weapons on the side that will help to achieve your goals. Nonetheless, please use them wisely where weapons are limited in quantity. And of course, always avoid smashing our beloved Otto!

Unlock and play in survival mode to earn more sandwiches. Use your sandwiches to purchase more weapons to use against the monstrous hoards. You will need them, because as you advance, the monsters will become faster and more numerous.

And so, the fate of poor Otto, and the success of Oktoberfest rests in your quick wit, and the speed and dexterity of your fingers.

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