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“Street guardians” is one of the best traffic racing games. “Street guardians” is a police car racing game where the player plays the role of an undercover police agent. The motive of the player is to impound car criminals by winning them in races happening on open roads. The player starts with just a slow moving car. Being an undercover agent the player has to follow the way of a criminal to earn money by driving through traffic at high speeds and participate in car racing competitions in the “one on one races”. The player has to win the car race to impound car criminals.

Uniqueness of street guardians:

- Best among the traffic car racing games to have a game objective and a story line.
- First traffic racing game to have “one on one race” coupled with traffic racing.
- No in app purchase
- 40 unique drag racing in crowded roads.


- Race the traffic in the street racing mode by completing the checkpoints within the specified time limits.
- Accumulate money by completing checkpoints and overtaking the traffic cars at high speeds.
- Upgrade your car using the money earned in traffic racing.
- Unlock the one on one races using the cash earned in traffic racing.
- Compete with blacklist traffic racers and win the race to impound them.


- 2 game modes (street racing and “one on one”car racing)
- Smooth gameplay
- Excellent 3D graphics
- 5 different cars to unlock
- 4 different camera views
- Interactive opponent cars in the “one on one” race
- Good AI system
- Nitro boost and damage level
- 3 different control options (Tilt, steer and buttons)
- 40 levels with varying complexity.


- Tilt or Touch to steer
- Use the accelerator button to accelerate
- Use the brake button to slow down
- Touch the nitro button (N) to use nitro boost
- Touch the reload button (R) to restart
- Use the camera button to change views

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