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This application contain of the history of theology is designed to provide an introduction to Christian dogmatic literature and to describe its stages of development. The history of theology is, therefore, a branch of the history of ideas; it deals with the sources of the Christian tradition and examines the development of ideas reflected therein.

This apps contain :
Chapter 1. The Apostolic Fathers
Chapter 2. The Apologists
Chapter 3. Jewish Christianity and Gnosticism
Chapter 4. The Anti-Gnostic Fathers
Chapter 5. Alexandrian Theology
Chapter 6. Monarchianism: The Trinitarian Problem
Chapter 7. Arianism: The Council of Nicaea
Chapter 8. Athanasius: The Formation of the Trinitarian Doctrine
Chapter 9. The Christological Problem
Chapter 10. The Development of the Concept of the Church
Chapter 11. Augustine
Chapter 12. The Controversy on Augustinianism to the Synod of Orange, 529
Chapter 13. The Transition from the Early Period to the Medieval Period; Gregory the Great
Chapter 14. Carolingian Theology
Chapter 15. The Lord’s Supper in the Early Middle Ages
Chapter 16. The Doctrine of Penance in the Early Middle Ages
Chapter 17. The Older Scholasticism
Chapter 18. High Scholasticism
Chapter 19. Late Scholasticism
Chapter 20. The Medieval Mystics
Chapter 21. Luther
Chapter 22. Melanchthon
Chapter 23. Zwingli
Chapter 24. Calvin
Chapter 25. Reformed Theology to and Including the Synod of Dort, 1618–19
Chapter 26. Reformation Theology in Lutheran Areas to the Formula of Concord, 1577
Chapter 27. The Formula of Concord
Chapter 28. The Counter-Reformation: Roman Catholic Theology
Chapter 29. Reformation and Post-Reformation Theology in England
Chapter 30. Lutheran Orthodoxy
Chapter 31. Pietism
Chapter 32. The Enlightenment
Chapter 33. Nineteenth-Century Developments
Chapter 34. The Theology of the Early 20th Century; Contemporary Trends

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