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Every stroke patient is unique. And considering the fact every patient presents
with different cocktail of challenges, the onus lies on the
physiotherapist/assistant to thoroughly undertake a comprehensive assessment
of each patient taking into cognizance the patient's needs as articulated by the
patient himself or herself.

After a thorough assessment has been undertaken, the goals and treatment
protocol become easy to draft. Remember that all the goals that are drafted in
stroke rehabilitation must be aimed towards the integration of the patient back
into the social set up. And this is a very critical and important goal: so vital that
no Rehabilitation approach could overlook, just as the psychosocial module of
healthcare practice stipulates.

On the contrary, the medical model of healthcare practice primarily focuses on the
patient's clinical condition outside his social environment. Although this
healthcare approach also yields results clinically, it however fails to integrate the
patient back into the society or family. That explicitly explains my preference for
the psychosocial model of rehabilitation over the medical model during my
patients’ Rehabilitation.

Essence of this App:
The publication of this self-help handbook is intended to serve the long sought
after dream of enlightening stroke patients on their condition and also assisting
them to quick recovery. Moreover, it is my fervent hope that the book would help
to ignite the burning desire in stroke care among Physiotherapist Assistants (in
both Orthodox and Herbal Centres) to embrace evidence-based practice and
appreciate new trends in stroke care through simple illustrative diagrams and

In light of the recent rise in the prevalence of stroke attacks among the youthful
population, it is my desire that the information provided here would assist in
alerting the youth also on the need for a healthier lifestyle change.

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