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SHRI SUKHMANI SAHIB - An app that will make your sukhmani sahib path done in an easy way. How ? Just read below options it is equipped with :

# Pause Mode : while doing path , if you get something important or you want to continue doing path later, just use this option, Audio will get itself stopped after completion of current ashtapadi. You can resume from next ashtapadi later.

#Go to : if you want to do path starting from a particular ashtapadi , you can simply use this option and continue from where you want.

# Next : ootion that move to next ashtapadi

# Target Setting : just set the target and app will make sure to count it automatically on completion of each path.

#rewind and forward option also available.

In case you feel ghat something is missing in the list , please feel free to mail us and we will surely incoporate it.

Thanks for the support and reading this section.

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3 years

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