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Camera Ghost Detector PRO helps to prank your friends!
You can add ghost in the photo and tell them it is real.
Everyone afraid of this thing and hope not to meet them.
Life is always unexpected and do not know what happen next?
Who know you will meet them face to face one day in sudden.
Ghost can be detector in various simulator way in life.
Do not simply go out at night time or walking alone in dark.
Many cases happen in this situation and we could regret on it.
So what will you do if you really meet them in direct way?
Camera can snap ghost photo with detector to prank people.
Many people do not even dare to imaging on this before.
This Camera Ghost Detector PRO makes you get used to it.
Practice makes perfect means you deal with same thing
and it makes you get more familiar and understand more.
Do not risk yourself dealing with them because this too risky.
That is the theory that we would like share with all users.
If ghost come you can use detector to simulator it easily.
This could increase your brave level to face all this issue.
You can simply prank your friend with Camera Ghost Detector PRO.
Within minutes you can create a very horror photo to show them.
We never know what will them do to us so do not challenge them.
This would definitely scare them away and maybe scream out loud.
Please remind that this can not be too over when you apply
Use camera capture ghost image in the detector and use for prank.
Take this in serious way to secure your own life with no risk.
Some people simply just can not take this thing in their life.
As ghost is really scary even you have detector to simulator it.
We hope you will have so much fun playing around with this app!

How to use Camera Ghost Detector PRO
- Add ghost stickers on photo
- Use ready made frames to capture new picture

We hope you can be crave in life no matter facing anything.
Start the horror journey with Camera Ghost Detector PRO now!

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