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This app provides an effective way to add 200 most common words in the GRE test, a.k.a the GRE Hit Parade list, into your vocabulary, and then use them to ace the Verbal section.

There are two modes to help you digest this list:

* Learning mode: using flashcards mechanism with easy-to-understand definitions and sound support.

* Testing mode: practicing with fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choices, and true-false questions will help you grasp different meanings of the words, and, more importantly, understand them in various contexts. On the other hand, you will also acquire the ability to actively recall these words, which is very efficient in consolidating long-term memory.

Both features are implemented using the spaced repetition algorithm, a proven and best suited method for this kind of task.

You can open this app whenever you have time to spare, as it can be used with any amount of time, ranging from minutes to hours. On the whole, the key to your success is to open it and learn new words everyday, and soon the results will come out. Just keep drilling!

As a side note, you should master all the essential words in this list before moving on to other GRE word lists.

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