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Download the MobOnTop
App for FREE and always stay connected to Facebook and Twitter, read your friends updates, write them back and so much more...
With the MobOnTop
App you don’t need to close any application or exit any window. You can easily post on Facebook or tweet your thoughts while surfing the web. You can even read instant headlines and full articles from various sources like ESPN, CNN or CNET while watching a movie on YouTube or playing a game.
Key features:
☆ Add a personalized media space on top of any active app
☆ Interact effortlessly with friends and never miss an update
☆ Easily access your favorite content including news, business, sports, travel and more
☆ Customize the appearance of your MobOnTop
☆ Minimal impact on battery life or performance
☆ Take multitasking to a new level
With MobOnTop
App you can get the most from your mobile device. Now you can email and tweet on the same time, or get updates from ESPN while playing games.
The MobOnTop
App simplifies your mobile experience by allowing you to engage with various content on top of the active application in the foreground.
We would love to hear your ideas, suggestions and feedback on how to make MobOnTop
Application better! Feel free to email us: support@MobOnTop.com

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