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A puzzle game for you and your children, it will not be a waste of time. It allows you to improve your analytical skills and perception and skill.
An easy to use and fluid game, a very good GUI. It also allows you to choose and evolve by level of difficulty
The principle is simple, just connect the dots with the same color to complete the level and move on to another.
Finishing a level gives you a new puzzle with a new game, connect the dots to beat each level!
The next version will add Google Play ranking and realization service, you can log in with your Google Account and submit your high score.

How to play these free games:
Connect the dots and match colors with lines to fill the entire board. But beware that the pipes break if you cross!
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So what are you waiting for? Connect the dots and whip you in these games for free!

Play hundreds of free levels or fight the clock time trial mode lik Tetrix . Dots game is a way of playing that goes from very casual to downright frantic. The difficulty is up to you. Try free movement and learn to "manage the plumbing!" with pipeflow
Connect Free Breakfast
Connect the Dots
Connect matching colors with pipeflow to create a line. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap!
Draw Classic Line
- Over 800 levels from 5x5 to 14x14.
- You can play from your Android phone / tablet or computer.
- Tetrix like game
- Drawing Game
Connect the dots is a simple but addictive puzzle game.
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