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Turn your mobile phone to a lamp torch using the free application Lamp Torch LED.
* Lighting lamp torchlight led is *

The main options and app-strengths are:
- Torch: Lamp Torch, turn on/off easily
- Super FlashLight: Set the light of your lamp torch
- flash Light Police: Simulate police warning lights
- Traffic Light: Simulate the three traffic lights
- The brightest light signals illumination ever
- Torchlight lanterna with super flashlight
- on/off superled torch with free online flashlight

- Superled flashlight tourch – camera LED flashlight using your camera super flashlight to emit bright light.
- Torch- led flash light(camera flashlight) which emits very intense light in the dark.
- Screen blink flash Light – emits light from screen and work as Torch when no Camera super flashlight.
- Police Lights tourch – It is police light and look like dancing light in device screen.
- Color torchlight super Flashlight -You can change the brightness and the color of screen by one swipe.
- Superled lanterna on/off Traffic Lights – Enjoy traffic signal lights in your app.
-Ampoule on android

- Superled ampel lampe torche
- Flash light LED de la camera ampoule
- Online flashlight and lanterna app ampoule
- Torchlight ampel Lampes LED
- Illumination lampe de poche torchys tacos
- on/off LED ampel torchys tacos inside online flashlight
- Superled flashlight ampel
- Torchlight projector led
- Smd alight lamp torch
- Flash light infocus ampoule and blinking torchys tacos
- Smd alight ampoule led torche infocus
- The brightest light signals tourch illumination blinking ever
- Fastest blink alight start up torch .
- Strobe blink alight torche mode with smd sensitive frequency controller torchys tacos
- SOS smd tourch strobe online flashlight signal blinking.
- Intuitive blink strobe and elegant on/off light signals and UI design torche infocus.
- Use the smd tourch cam LED light !
- Traffic Light signals animations ampel torche infocus.
- Led torch illumination alight blink available in online flashlight
- Flash Light signals illumination
- Strobe lanterna mode with blinking torchys tacos
- Lanterna strobe with blinking infocus

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