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As members of a technology-dependent generation, we witness dangerous driving habits everywhere we go. Yet the problem is much more serious: everyday, 9 people are killed due to distracted-driving related incidents. Across the nation, there are far too many tragic accidents that could have been prevented. Regardless of recent legislation against distracted driving, people still insist on using their phone while driving. Instead, we, as a generation, need some form of incentive to help us.

Our solution, JoyRyde, is simple: an application that incentivizes safe driving. JoyRyde uses a reward-based system to prevent people from using their mobile phones while driving. It keeps track of how far one has traveled without using their phone. Once a user is finished, the miles are saved in a bank, and the user is then rewarded their respective miles. Each mile can be used to buy coupons and deals for a variety of things, ranging from food, to music, to gas, and even charitable donations.

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