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Warning! Warning! Warning!
Hostile mechanized infantry division is marching towards our military base. Radar indicates two tank regiments from east and south are coming consisting4,000 Leopard 1 Main Battle Tanks, 5,000 XM2001 Crusader, 5,000 Centurion Main Battle Tanks and 20,000 other tanks!
Need backup! Need backup!
The most realistic WWII-themed strategy war game is now live! Millions of players battle on the same global server! Become the king of ground warfare!
Duty calls! It’s time to fight for the honor of your country!

Game highlights:
Take military bases and build a steel fortress!
Occupy a military base and construct buildings of resources, military, technology, diplomacy as well as a command center. Your mission is to make your base the toughest military fortress the world has ever seen!
Tanks in action! Which country will rule the land?
The game features real-world tanks during WWII. Build tanks that existed in the history! Build an army of steel and conquer the world!
Battle on the global server!
Form alliances to grab land and resources. Fight players from every corner of the world to secure your territories!
WWII re-enacted in the genre-defining war strategy game!
Support, ambush, espionage, tactical bombing, electromagnetic interference, military technology research and much more! You can do whatever you want to get the upper hand. Get the final victory in every battle!
Invade other nations and defeat your enemies!
It’s human nature to conquer by force! Unleash your power in the game and invade other nations anytime your want! Defeat other players and their bases are for you to take! Your enemies will bow before you!

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