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Aero Gate : Plane Shooter

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Easy for anyone to operate the aircraft to enjoy
Casual aircraft shooting game Aero flight gate !!!


Defeat UFO which invaded the Earth, please save the Earth.
Nanobots created the small wormhole where the enemy UFO appeared.
Who's the pilot that can really save the planet torn by war?

The game contents.

1. Move the fighter plane to the left / right. Shoot down UFO.
2. If you utilize the skill and nuclear bomb, you can shoot down more UFO.
3. Please strengthen the shot of the fuselage, skill, and ability.
4. Combine the skills, item and supporter and make the style of you.
5. Activate the special air strike with the monster shooting down. Challenge the new record.
6. Invite your facebook friend and obtain the fuel and friendship point.
7. Boast your breaking record play to a friend and obtain a compensation.
8. Challenge the friend and world ranker once and obtain many compensations in a week.
9. You will get the connection reward by connecting everyday.
10. Please don't miss the item bargain sales chance in which you will find when achieving the highest record.

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