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Why is an app has only one function? 
We thought that it would be certainly better and easier if we can combine some frequently used apps into one so that saving the memory size and battery life because smartphones costs not cheap and we want to keep using it as long as possible at least one year... We definitely need it during both work and pastime as we are expected quick responses. 
The management knows it would make business accelerate if they know the perfect timing and target instead of just waiting for people coming after posting information. Thus, eoh involves the tool that eliminates the disparities between merchants and users. It is no more users search on EC or choose stores. Instead, eoh matches both desires at pinpoint perfectly. eoh makes sales increase as reviewing traders not only B to C, but also B to B.
If it is possible matching key words that merchant, as sender, is posting to someone, as recipient, is interested in the world of internet where so many languages and words fly around, it would be a very convenient tool.   
eoh is created with this concept: combining each thought to one through eoh can make satisfy come true easier. 

Our life has been changed by smartphones. And now is the time to make your life better as next stage with eoh. 

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