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Vaidik Jyotish is ancint jyotish which is used in Vaidik time.
As per myth this Jyotish is mostly used by Devas and Rushi-munis.
Vaidik Jyotish Jyotish contain different portion like
1. Vaidik Kundali Jyotish
2. Vaidik Nakshtra Jyotish
3. Vaidik Hastrekha Jyotish
4. Vaidik Vidhya
5. Vaidik Jyotish Vidhyao ki Janakari
6. Vaidik Samudrik Vidhya
7. Vaidik Ank Shastra
8. Vaidik Chini Jyotish
9. Vaidik Angutha Shastra
10. Vaidik Tero card
11. Vaidik panch Pakshi Siddhat
12. Nadi Jyotish
Vaidik Jyotish contain all different Jyotish Shastra in detail.
With this application user can easily get all detail about Vaidik Shastra.

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