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Tune your string instrument, from the Archlute to the Violin, passing by the Guitar, with this fast, accurate and easy going tuner. You will be able to get the exact tune in no time or unnecessary adjustment, thanks to the automated and exclusives analytics algorithms implemented. The technical choices makes the measurements especially responsive, while still being precise.

You can also ease your tuning by choosing your instrument in the list, display all Tones or only the major Tones, which suits any instrument.

Additionnally, you can choose between american 'A B C...' or european 'Do Ré Mi...' notation. You can also change the 'A' tone reference.

• Automated
• Fast
• Accurate
• Noisy environment capable
• Hands free
• Exclusive algorithms
• Wave display
• FFT display (must be enabled in Preferences)
• Transpose
• 'A' Tone adjustable
• Tone play on click

Here is the exhaustive list of the supported tuned instruments: Archlute, Balalaika, Bass, Contrabass, Banjo, Banjolin, Bouzouki, Cello, Cittern, Guitalele, Guitar, Halszither, Hardingfele, Koto, Lute, Lyra, Mandobass, Mandolin, Octobass, Sitar, Ukulele, Viol, Viola, Violin, Zither.

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