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Dashboard Gauge Zooper Widget

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Must Have Zooper Widget Pro installed

Installation Instructions:

1. Have Zooper Widget Pro installed.
2. On homescreen, add a 4 x 2 zooper widget.
3. Touch the zooper widget.
4. Click on "Ford Dashboard"
5. When it loads choose "dashboard minbackground"
6. When it loads the skin, hit your home/back key and enjoy!

Central Gauge is the current time with the "trip odometer" displaying the time in am/pm style.

The left gauge is current temp divided by 10 on a scale of 0-12 (F) with the current temp highlighted by the red tick mark. Current condition is show with a weather icon and current temp (F) and condition in text.

The Right Gauge cluster has 3 features. On the left is a temp scale built on Today's low as L, and Today's high as H and the red bar shows on that scale where the current temp is. (Please set zooper's weather provider to yr.no or yahoo for this feature to work. Open zooper application -> tap Weather Provider -> choose yr.no or yahoo!) In the middle, is the Date series with today's date highlighted. On the right is a battery meter from 0% - 100% in increments of 20.

Bottom right features a missed calls count, unread emails count, and unread texts count.

Hotspots drawn:
Rectangle drawn around center gauge opens up clock.
Clicking on Date series opens up calendar.
Clicking on calls opens up the dialer.
Clicking on Emails opens up Gmail.
Clicking on Texts opens up Google Hangouts.
Clicking on the upper left corner of the widget forces auto refresh.
Clicking on the upper right corner opens up zooper editor.

**If you want the hotspots to open other applications, click on the upper right corner, choose layout and scroll all the way to the bottom and the hotspots are designated in the name of the modules.**

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