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Description uses a specialized IRC server for chat and this connects to your twitch account to chat in any channel.

This lite version lets you log in and loads the global emotes from and downloads the list of channels that you follow.

Being the very first release, I hope that if you find a bug or want to provide feedback be sure to send me an email as I will be updating this version and also in a paid version with lots of features soon.

In this version chat and viewer lists are available along with the ability to chat.

In the chat section you can scroll up to view anything that was said previously while pausing the autoscrolling feature. A button will pop up to scroll all the way to the last chat entry and will restart the autoscrolling.
Tap on any chat entry and the username will pop into the text box to reply to them.
To exit a channel tap the "Leave Channel" in the action bar or simply hit your back button.
To enable large text, open the application from the app drawer, click on the menu overflow icon (or your menu button if you have one) click on settings, and then click the switch to turn large text on.

It maintains connection to the internet to be able to chat so a steady connection is advised, Wifi being highly suggested.

This version doesn't have an emote keyboard to insert global emotes, however the global emotes will show up in chat.

Click on links in chat to open them in a browser.

This will keep running in the background if you leave it without hitting the back button or "leave room" so that you can go to other applications without missing chat.

Known Possible Bugs
-Large viewer lists don't always load correctly. (ie over 2000 viewers)
-In chats with large viewers, chat might freeze for a couple seconds

Again I encourage you to report bugs or concerns. Enjoy!

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