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It's developed under the concept of “Simple-to-use Calculator“ with well-selected functions.
You can use, in addition to four arithmetic operations, calculation using memory and percentage calculation.

You can use it in wide situation from your daily shopping and household account to desk work.
With easy-to-touch buttons fitted to the size of device, you can calculate while verifying the input expression.
It can be used in situation such as when you “want to do some calculation at work/school“ or “want to know the discounted price while shopping“.

[Main functions]
-Four arithmetic operations up to 12 digit numbers
-Calculation using memory
-Percentage calculation
-Calculation using "00" button
-Quick correction function that enables afterward operator input
-Copy calculation result to clip board with long tap
-Able to recalculate from the middle even after application is closed
-Automatic button layout function for both portrait and landscape
-Sleep mode control function for long-time use
-Two-way delete function by character or all characters
-Automatic numeral comma display that is easy to read
-Display change function according to country
-Automatic save function of calculation history
-List display function of calculation history
-Copy calculation history to clip board with long tap

-Vibrate when touching button: ON/OFF
-Fix display in portrait: ON/OFF
-Don't put display to sleep:ON/OFF
-Calculate using memory function:ON/OFF
-Automatically save calculation history:ON/OFF
-Change theme
-Digit number setting after decimal point of calculation result
-Rounding (up/down/off) setting of decimal point of calculation result
-Display choice

[Perfect for those who are looking for]
-Free simple calculator
-Simply designed free calculator
-Easy-to-push calculator with big button
-Easy-to-read calculator with big character
-Free calculator with calculation save function
-Free calculator with which you can verify calculation later
-Free calculator with own color setting
-Free calculator with "00" button
-Free calculator with input expression display
-Free calculator with which you can calculate tax included price easily
-Free calculator with which you can calculate discounted price easily
-Free calculator you can set digit number after decimal point
-Free calculator you can set rounding of decimal point

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